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Lighthouse IP Patent Monitoring & Alerting

-      AVAILABLE EARLY 2013 –

 Are you concerned about monitoring potential patent infringement in China, interested in advances in a specific field or technology, or are you looking for new ideas>  Maybe you’re looking for Asian investments or acquisition opportunities or do you need to keep an eye on your competition’s advances in Asia? If so, Lighthouse IP Monitoring & Alerting is the tool for you.

  The most comprehensive Patent Alerting and
Monitoring tool available in the market.

  • Search in Chinese; receive the results in Chinese and/or English
  • Annual subscription
  • Search strategies based on keywords, IPC, Applicant names, publication type
    • Choose applications, grants, or utility models
    • Forward Citation alert – monitor competitive patent activity
  • Search set up by IP and language expert according to customer needs
  • Weekly results sent by email containing:
    • spreadsheet with abstract, patent publication number, title, IPC, application number
    • Link to Web based interface that includes:
      • Statistical analysis (IPC, applicant, applicant location, inventor, filing date)
      • Patent Review
      • Download section for selected patents
  • English abstract and full text available one week following publication at SIPO
  • Search terms highlighted in the text
  • Download as PDF the full text (Chinese, or English (Machine Translation (MT)) and original format Chinese.

Alert Size


Number of Strategies

Results Type


€ 795,-


One spreadsheet containing bibliographic information plus abstract in English and Chinese.



€ 3,600,-


Small + up to 25 documents per Week.



€ 6,500,-


Small + up to 100 documents per week.

Additional full text patents available at EU5 per document in English (MT); or Chinese.

With over 30,000 new patent applications published weekly in China, and other Asian and Middle Eastern markets growing rapidly, the process of finding, analysing and responding to published technical and business information can be overwhelming. Lighthouse IP Group offers an intelligent monitoring solution; using translators from our established teams based in our global offices and Lighthouse IP Group’s in-house search and analysis expertise, we offer customised monitoring solutions according to your needs.

Whether you need to keep an eye on your competition, find emerging
technologies or protect your IP. We have the right solution that will
allow you to have prompt, accurate information for you to act on.

Human translation available on demand for any document at www.scipat.com

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