Lighthouse IP

Our core business is to source, collect and process patent and trademark data and to make this available to IP professionals worldwide. We distinguish ourselves by our continuous pursuit in expanding and enriching our patent data and trademark collection, making it the most elaborate and desired one in the world.

Our processes consist of collecting data in any format, digitizing data, enriching data by adding tags, claim separation, quality checks, preparing Machine Assisted Translations and storing the data in different formats, following our clients’ needs. We have an experienced team of content experts and developers in place that are experts in IP data.

Our customers need information that they can rely on to be as complete as possible, that they can search in in any format they like and that is up to date with actual publications. We take pride in  serving the most demanding and appreciated publishers of professional content.

Moreover, we invite our customers to partner with us in thinking how we can further enrich our data to meet their needs.