Patent Information

Lighthouse IP is strongly focused on sourcing and creating unique patent content. Our processes cover all steps from the actual sourcing of patent documents (for several countries still starting from paper) to the final delivery of a complete digital version of the patent published.

All content that we create is translated into English so that a complete patent record consists of a multipage PDF file containing the full document, an XML document containing the bibliographic (front page) data with title and abstract plus the full description* of the document with the related translation**. We provide bibliographic content on over 150 different countries and text searchable full descriptions from 74 countries.

As we are a content provider our delivery methods and media are fully adjusted to the processes that you may already have in place. Our standard delivery is in XML based on WIPO Standard 36 with original documents in multipage PDF, but also JSON or a wide variety of text and image formats are available. Our aim is to provide you with the content you need, in the way that you need it in the easiest implementable form.

* Full description in searchable format for patent documents are available for 74 countries.

** Translations are created either using full machine translation technology, human aided machine translation technology or full human translations.