Job openings for developers

At Lighthouse, we always welcome talented people with a passion for working with core data. At this moment we are looking to hire data experts, junior- and senior developers (.net), and other experts in the fields of data engineering, databases, artificial intelligence, machine translation and workflow management.

You will assume responsibility for integrity, consistency and completeness of the content, ensuring data supplied to our customers meet and exceed customer expectations. In this position, you will identify possible improvements that may lead to more efficient processing of data and/or increase quality and value-add of content.

You will ensure you remain informed on any and all developments at our sources or our customers that would require us to change our processes or content.

Key competences and skills

  • Capable to manage the entire content generation process, overseeing the ‘big picture’, including analysis of sources, data and processes
  • Be accurate in your work, yet also be creative and open for new developments and opportunities. Strong analytical skills and structured working methodology
  • Excellent communication skills, both with all foreign patent offices and agents, as with your (international) colleagues and customers.