Assignee / Applicant / Owner translations

One of the value adds that Lighthouse IP creates, is the translation of assignee, applicant and/or owner names.  In several countries,

the original (Western) name is converted into the language of a given country to meet the countries' filing requirements. As example, in China when Mc Donalds corporation files a patent or a trademark, the filing is done under its Chinese name. When the data subsequently get published, the name is converted into pinyin and reads Mai Dan Lau (the Chinese name of Mc Donalds corporation). As this name has no meaning in databases when they are searched, Lighthouse IP employs a dedicated team to translate these names back to their original Western name.

Another example is the processing of Russian names. The problem with Russian text is that automated systems commonly used to convert Russian names into latin, are based on a one-on-one translation of characters. There are many cases where this one-on-one translation does not work. As example the company name of Siemens: if converted by just software, the name is converted as Simens (with an e missing). To avoid this error, Lighthouse IP’s dedicated name teams manually check, validate and translate the names to their correct version.

To learn more about the name translations that Lighthouse IP provides please contact us for a sample data set.