Diamond file - if you really look for complete coverage

Lighthouse IP is excited to announce its launch of the Diamond file. This file provides a unique data collection consisting of bibliographic and legal status information from around the world, covering near 150 countries. When analyzing the currently available bibliographic data feeds from patent offices around the world, one will find only 48 current authorities in the file, hence Diamond file offers a unique expansion of coverage.

Through our network of partners and agents that we utilize for sourcing our trademark content, we have also been able to source over 100 authorities publishing status information around the world. The objective of the Diamond file is to include at least all PCT member states, so that the total number of bibliographic authorities will be 152.

The Diamond file consists of two data sets. The first one is the Diamond biblio file, which contains the countries and data as mentioned above. The second data set is the Diamond legal status file, which is comparable in structure and operational method as the legal status files provided from the patent offices. However, patent offices only provide regular updates for only 33 countries. In the Diamond file, almost 100 authorities are available and updated regularly. 

The Diamond file has been released on March 30, 2018. Delivery will be facilitated in XML via API to partners and clients. 

Should you need any further information on our offering or coverage, please contact us by leaving your details in our contact form: