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The value of intellectual property, materialized

By utilising the information embedded in trademarks and patents, significant information on company strategy, investments and global activities can be obtained. Lighthouse IP provides a dataset that enables exploring these hidden gems.

Just think about all the hidden insights you can unfold. Mining our patent collection, you can see trends in activity and valuation of the IP portfolio of companies. You gain insight in IP portfolio of the entire group, instead of just one legal entity of that group. Zooming in on areas where your competitors are active with filing patents and trademarks, and you can prepare for their next steps.

When you think about it, a collection of easily searchable, English language based data, is a real intelligence treasure.

Data is the new gold

Story about the business information

Lighthouse IP can enrich company data by adding IP information relating to those companies. Hence, you can get an overview of a company’s patent- and trademark portfolio, and derive its IP strategy. Company data gets more valuable when it has been linked to our extensive IP information databases.

Lighthouse IP can provide you bibliographic data and insights of all innovative companies worldwide. Our elaborate databases can mine data like innovation trends per company or industry, leading inventors per industry and many more deep insights.

We can provide access to a complete set of company patent portfolio valuations. This unique data collection provides both a quantitative as well as a qualitative valuation of the complete patent portfolio of a company. The result is an indicative value range for the complete patent portfolio, including all subsidiaries, providing complete insight in the patent portfolio value. The perfect tool for searching technology-driven acquisition targets.

This data can be accessed through selected partners or via a direct licensed data feed. For a list of partners or information on licensing this information, please contact us.

Our databases with patent and trademark information are the largest in the world, and provide you readily access to all information you need, in one format, including English machine translation of all leading authorities.

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User case
One of the value adds that Lighthouse IP creates, is the translation of assignee, applicant and owner names.
Fortune 500 company
User case
The standardized and uniform supply of all authorities in one format is a tremendous benefit.
Global technology partner
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Please allow us to provide you ample examples of how our IP data can enrich your business case. There is so much more data and deep insights available in our IP data, than you may realize. Many customers have compared our data with other suppliers and decided to choose us as their dedicated IP data provider.

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