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We are proud to be the world’s largest sourcer and producer of trademark data. Trusted by virtually all large professional players in the trademark space, Lighthouse IP provides a unique blend of trademark data.

We understand the importance of having trademark data available as soon as possible, to support watching services. Our processes have been designed to make data available to our customer in a fast and efficient manner.

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Our legacy

Story about the trademarks

Lighthouse IP has over the past 15 years grown to be the leading creator and provider of intellectual property data. With its core values focussing on sourcing, creating and providing the most complete intellectual property data, virtually all providers of information products put their trust in the data that Lighthouse IP creates.

Trademark data

Lighthouse IP has produced trademark data from over 200 authorities and maintains a worldwide network that enables global coverage. Sourced directly from the official publication of the various authorities, the entire processing from source (in some cases still paper) to data is done fully in Lighthouse IP’s cloud-based workflow, enabling quick and reliable updates plus full process control. Updates are available for over 180 authorities (the difference between the 200+ and 180 authorities is caused by authorities that have ceased publications or have ceased to exist (such as the USSR)).

Historical (backfile) data has been created by collecting publications worldwide. Through this process, the most complete possible dataset has been created, which is maintained with updates (frequency depending on authority publication cycle). All published information is available, with machine translations for the lists of goods and services added. For various authorities (like China, Japan, Korea), owner names are translated.

Status changes

Through the official publications, updates to changes in ownership, renewal information, corrections and adjustments are captured and provided (where applicable). Weekly updates include new publications as well as all status changes. Each update is clearly marked as either a new record or a status change.

Data formats

Lighthouse IP provides its trademark data in XML in accordance with WIPO Standard 66. Optionally other formats are available as well as customizations of ST.66.

Delivery methods

Standard delivery for backfile and frontfile is per Amazon S3. Optionally, backfiles can be delivered on HDD and updates can be delivered via FTP or API. Delivery is fully customizable to your needs.



As we are sourcing the trademark data from scratch, our processes have been designed to ensure a smooth workflow. By doing so, we can ensure all trademark publications, in whatever format they have been published in, find their way into one standardized format in our trademark databases.

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User case
One of the value adds that Lighthouse IP creates, is the translation of assignee, applicant and owner names.
Fortune 500 company
User case
The standardized and uniform supply of all authorities in one format is a tremendous benefit.
Global technology partner
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We have seen an increasing number of customers turn to us, to meet their growing demands for trademark data. Whether you need trademark information for searching or for watching purposes, our trademark collection provides you the basis you can build your services and solutions on.

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