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With Lighthouse IP, you are assured of the most complete collection of design IP data in the world. And that is much more data than the local IP authorities can offer you. Lighthouse IP obtains its IP data directly from the publishing authority per country, making the data completer and more reliable, including all graphic elements like photographs, sketches, and technical drawings. We process this data in-house and make it accessible to use in your systems. When it comes to metadata and status information; our design data feeds provide you with the information you need to make the right decision.

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From the car we drive, to the clothes we wear and the cosmetics we use, everything is designed and all these designs are protected. So there is a huge amount of design data in the world. Any company with products whose design needs to be protected, and any designer who wants to test his or her design against what already exists, needs design data to make the right decisions.

Lighthouse IP offers its clients unique AI design data searching possibilities. Design data is a difficult category of IP information to search. Until recently, only meta information was available and only keywords could be searched within classifications. Lighthouse IP applies data standardization and preparation for improved AI usage, enabling end users to find relevant designs faster.

Design data


Lighthouse IP offers the largest collection of design data in the world. Basic information consisting of bibliographic data, supplemented by photographs and technical drawings. In 99 countries, Lighthouse IP sources design data directly from local publishing authorities. Sourcing is a complex process due to its size, different data formats and accessibility. Lighthouse IP has largely automated this process, ensuring that the design data is always up to date.

Lighthouse IP delivers design data in proprietary data format by FTP, with links to photos and other visual documents. Delivery via S3 is optional. The fee depends on the number of countries and registers. Examples of Lighthouse IP design data information and a demo of the platform are available on request.

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Please allow us to provide you ample examples of how our IP data can enrich your business case. There is so much more data and deep insights available in our IP data, than you may realize. Many customers have compared our data with other suppliers and decided to choose us as their dedicated IP data provider.

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