New partnership with IPDataLab

Lighthouse IP Partners with IPDataLab to Deliver High Value Metadata Linking Patent Records to US‐FDA Approved Chemical and Biological Drug Information

The two companies are coming together to meet market demand for a streamlined path for integrating both common and uncommon drug approval information into existing patent data systems.

“Today, companies want to extend their vision beyond patent data so as to encompass indicators of corresponding commercial activity,” says Chris Holt, IPDataLab CEO and Co‐Founder. The Founder of Lighthouse IP, Willem Geert Lagemaat, adds “Companies previously thought they were getting a look at the big picture through one dataset and now companies realize the better or clearer picture comes from expanding the data to underlying connections from other data sources. We are excited that through the Lighthouse IP Dynalinx™ program we are able to offer our existing customer base the ability to expand their products with the unique data created by IPDataLab.”

In addition to more readily available data sets that include patent data for US‐FDA approved chemical drugs (i.e., OrangeBook drugs), pharmaceutical data services provided as part of this new partnership will also include the harder to obtain linkages between patents and corresponding US‐FDA approved biological drugs (i.e., PurpleBook drugs). Each drug‐to‐patent linkage has been enriched with a set
of high value supporting data elements to truly unlock the value of data. For example, one especially valuable feature is calculated and verified expiration dates for each of the listed US‐FDA approved biological patents.

At the center of the new partnership is Lighthouse IP’s Data offering powered by:
– 145 Million Bibliographic Records
– 159 Authorities
– 120 Million Patent Images
– 80 Authorities of Full‐Text Records
– 124 Million English Machine‐Translated Documents

“Lighthouse IP provides access to the largest patent data collection sourced from around the world,” says Chris Holt. “Combining Lighthouse IP’s incredible patent data collection with IPDataLab’s carefully curated quality metadata is creating a fast path to adding new insight capabilities that did not exist before. Our API services will dramatically shorten the time to production for all customers.”
To learn more about this partnership and the data solutions available for your company, please contact:
IPDataLab; Chris Holt, CEO;

About IPDataLab

IPDataLab is led by individuals having decades of combined experience as patent attorneys and software product managers. The company offers convenient access to data sets that are often hard to compile, difficult to maintain, and were previously considered inaccessible at a reasonable price point. IPDataLab holds themselves to the highest standards of accuracy, documentation, consistency and
timeliness. IPDataLab is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and also has an office in Beijing, China,

About Lighthouse IP

Lighthouse IP is a leading commercial creator and provider of patent and trademark data of publishers and patent offices worldwide, with a focus on offering the broadest coverage of IP data in the highest quality. Lighthouse IP primarily serves publishers, information (service) providers and patent offices. Lighthouse IP is headquartered in The Netherlands and has offices in various countries around the world, where it has its data production facilities.