Lighthouse IP releases Diamond file version 2.0

New Diamond file release

Lighthouse IP has announced the release of Diamond file version 2.0. Several innovations have been added to the product, including the Lighthouse Invention ID™ and the Lighthouse Event Code™. These innovations enable easy access to all legal event codes and clustering of events over all relevant patent publications. In addition, coverage has further grown, now covering 159 bibliographic authorities and 130 legal status authorities.

The Diamond file is the most innovative patent content development in recent years, offering access to many patenting authorities never been offered before. With over 100,000 patent publications per year that do not appear in any patent family in the top 25 authorities of the world (based on volume), there is a vast collection of patent rights and state of the art that is virtually not accessible for the public. Combined with language barriers, this information before could until now never be accessed by information professionals, leaving significant gaps in patent searches. With a patent lifespan of 20 years, over 2 million relevant patent rights previously were not known nor considered.

An even greater threat lies in the global lack of (legal) status information, where from the currently known sources, only 40 authorities are available with reliable status information. The Diamond file provides access to no less than 130 authorities, containing renewal information, owner changes and other relevant events.

By creating the Diamond file, Lighthouse IP has unlocked this significant collection of must-have information. The Diamond file is available under an annual license, based on an XML datafeed, containing backfile and all regular updates. For more information, please email us at

About Lighthouse IP

Lighthouse IP is the global provider of the largest collection of patent and trademark data. Our mission is to provide true global access to all relevant IP data, so as to support our clients in offering and developing state of the art technologies allowing access to global patent and trademark content.