Monday IPDate December 5, 2022

Patent news

A number of changes to the  Regulations  under the  Madrid Protocol  entered into force on November 1, 2022

It is possible to renew international trademark registrations as early as six months before their expiry date, up from three months.

It will no longer be possible to appoint a representative through a signed letter. All requests should now be made using our online service “Manage your Representative” available under  eMadrid.

Patent news

The Unified Patent Court provides more information about the start of the Sunrise Test Practice Period from November 28 until December 16, 2022

All tests will be carried out in the CMS test environment. This environment is a copy of the CMS production environment that will be launched in the Sunrise period.

Trademark news

IPOPHL’s GI rules now in effect, signaling strengthened protection and promotion of local products

After nearly 20 years of research and multi-stakeholder consultations, the Philippines is finally putting in place a sui generis system to protect geographical indications (GIs).

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