Monday IPDate October 3, 2022

Patent news

EPO-CNIPA Joint Communiqué: Chinese applicants may continue to designate EPO as ISA.

Nationals and residents of China can continue to select the EPO as their International Searching Authority (ISA) for their international patent applications filed in English under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) until 30 November 2023.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) new Patent Public Search tool (PPUBS) is replacing four legacy tools on September 30.

Patent Public Search provides more convenient, remote, and robust full-text searching of all U.S. patents and U.S. pre-grant publications. The new tool streamlines the search process for users, provides alternatives for existing services, and incorporates new features.

Trademark news

The Myanmar Intellectual Property Department (MIPD) of the Myanmar Ministry of Commerce (MOC) recently published 19 bilingual trademark forms (“TM Forms”) on its website.

This is a significant step of the MIPD towards the grand opening of the new trademark registration system. It’s anticipated that the MIPD will issue further guidance and/or organise training sessions on the TM Forms sometime soon.

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