Patenting Trends in the Middle East June 2022

This week a very interesting insight in patent developments in the Middle East. With a continuing growth in publication volumes, and a stronger development of IP support in a number of countries, the Middle East proves to be an area of great interest. In this report we analyzed the patent trends of 18 Middle East countries, including Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Iran. Read our latest report.

The Middle East refers to some areas from the eastern and southern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf Coast, involving more than 20 countries and regions. As the transportation hub of the East and the West, it has an extremely important strategic position since ancient times.

Since the Second World War, the situation in the Middle East has been turbulent all year round, but in recent years, its patent development has also attracted extensive attention all over the world.

Therefore, this report studies and analyzes the patent trend in the Middle East and mainly analyzes the patenting trends of 18 Middle East countries, including Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iran, etc.

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