Monday IPDate June 19, 2023

World IP news: from Japan

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Results of Patent Information Analysis Indicate Japan’s Strong Presence in the Field of Green Transformation (GX) Technologies

The survey found that looking at all GX technologies covered by the GXTI, Japan has the largest number of inventions that were filed internationally, and it indicated that Japan has strengths in creating inventions with higher value in such fields as photovoltaic power generation, energy saving in buildings, and secondary batteries.

Patent news

Eurasian system for legal protection of industrial designs — two years of steady growth

While there were just dozens of protected industrial designs in the first year of the functioning of the regional registration system for industrial designs, there are now hundreds of them. During the first five months of 2023, 255 industrial designs have been registered, which exceeds the rates of the last year multiple times. In total, 419 industrial designs were registered in 2022.